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2024 Fort Dalles Fourth Parade Application
5/16/2024 - 7/4/2024
10:00 AM PST

Event Description
🎉 Join us for the Fort Dalles Fourth of July celebration, featuring The Hometown USA Parade ~ Big 10   (10 year Celebration!)
📍Starting at 6th St and Webber at 10:00 , the parade will travel down the traditional parade route in The Dalles, and everyone is invited to come and join the festivities!
7am | Rocket Run - Ready, Set, RUN! Pre-registration required. 
8am | Community Breakfast - Free for all, McBreakfast. 
9am | Yoga on The Grass - Pure relaxation with a pre-registration.

10am | PARADE - Home Town USA ~ Big 10 (Celebrating 10 years)

11am | Concert in the Park - Gorge Winds Concert Band in the shade at City Park
12pm | 2nd & Monroe Block Party - Need we say more?
1pm | Cornhole Tournament - Wholesome fun at Smoke Wring BBQ , pre-registration required. 
10pm | FIREWORKS DISPLAY - Get ready for one of the safest & largest displays in The Pacific Northwest! 

Parade Date - July 4th, 2024 10:00 AM
Application Deadline: Wednesday, June 26, 2024 12:00 PM
No Charge for entries but we do require a form filled out for each and every Parade Entry
Judging will be on July 4th, 2024 from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM, in a designated area near the lineup. The award will be presented to the lineup just before you head downtown. That way your ribbon may be displayed and the announcers may announce the results.

CATEGORIES: Most Patriotic Entry

Judging will be based on the following criteria:
Presentation of the theme 40% of the score
Visual appeal 30% of the score
Originality 20% of the score
Effective use of size 10% of score
Total possible points: 100

One Ribbon to the Most Patriotic Entry

Judging will take place at your assigned spot (given at check-in).
8:00 AM Check-in begins with parade officials on 8th St and Cherry Hts. Rd (behind Goodwill).
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Judging begins for those that want to be judged at your location spot.
10:00 AM Parade begins.
ROUTE: Start at West 6th & Webber. East on 6th, which becomes West 3rd through downtown, left on Monroe, left on West 2nd Street, Parade ends at The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce.

Please do NOT throw candy! Instead, please hand it to people.

Questions? Please email: events@thedalleschamber.com or call (541) 296-2231, www.thedalleschamber.com

Hold Harmless Agreement - If you register for this event you are agreeing to the Hold Harmless Agreement BELOW!

The undersigned does hereby agree to RELEASE, AND HOLD HARMLESS, The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce, their affiliates, employees, Boards of Directors, committees, event organizers, and volunteers, from any and all liability of any kind, any losses, claims, injury to persons or property (including without limitation wrongful death), actions or damages which I/We may suffer, and any such claims that may be asserted against The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce, their affiliates, employees, Boards of Directors, committees, event organizers and volunteers by my participation in the Starlight Parade and any related activities, or arising from any act or omission by myself, my agents, or employees, or by reason of or related to myself or my use of any personal possessions or equipment as a participant in the Starlight Parade.

I further acknowledge the application of ORS 30.687 et. Seq., ACTIONS ARISING OUT OF EQUINE ACTIVITIES including but not limited to ORS 30.961 Limitations on liability; exceptions., to my participation in the Starlight Parade and acknowledge the limitation of liability which protects The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce, their affiliates, employees, Board of Directors, committees, event organizers and volunteers, and limits their liability for injuries to persons and property that may arise from or be associated with the risks inherent in equine presence and use in the Starlight Parade.  As a condition of my participation in the Starlight Parade, I hereby waive the right to bring an action against any of the sponsoring entities and event organizers named herein for any injury or death arising out of riding, driving, grooming, or riding as a passenger in any equine driven form of transportation or upon an equine.

To ensure the reasonable safety of life and property in the operation of parade floats, automobiles, and similar conveyances within the city limits of The Dalles.
1. Material used in construction, decoration, etc. must be flame retardant. Materials such as straw or hay must also be treated.
2. Where a person is within a float, such as a driver, there shall be no combustible material within five feet of his exit way.
3. Motorized floats or floats pulled by a motorized vehicle and automobiles have to be equipped with a fire extinguisher with a classification, of at least 2A 10 8C (when a vehicle and trailer are connected as a single unit, one extinguisher will meet this requirement).
4. Horse-drawn wagons and other non-motorized conveyances using straw or other combustible material shall carry fire extinguishers as prescribed above.
5. No smoking is allowed on any float and no person shall cause or permit any open flame upon or within the area of any float.
6. No combination of vehicles coupled together shall consist of more than two vehicles.
7. Vehicle towing trailers must be equipped with a tow bar or coupling device of sufficient strength to hold the weight of the towed vehicle upon the street when operated.
8. Vehicle towing trailers shall be equipped with safety chains, connected to the towed and towing vehicles and to the tow bar to prevent the tow bar from dropping to the ground in the event the tow bar or coupling device fails.
9. Safety chains shall have no more slack than is necessary to permit proper turning.
10. A float may not exceed 40 feet and 13 ½ feet in height.
11. Vehicles and floats shall stay in their assigned position in the parade. NO Gapping between floats.
12. Operators of vehicles shall not have their vision obstructed.
13. Persons riding on floats shall be located on the main part of the float and positioned so they will not obstruct the vision of the operator.
14. Persons shall remain on the unit to which they are assigned to the end of the parade route, except in case of breakdown or emergency.
15. No unit shall disband until reaching the destination indicated on the permit, except in the case of a breakdown or emergency.
16. The drinking, display or possession of alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants, or controlled substances is absolutely prohibited. City ordinances and state laws will be enforced.
17. The discharge of firearms, fireworks, or other explosive devices is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted.
18. The throwing of objects or substances into the crowd is prohibited. Candy, balloons or small items may be HANDED OUT (not tossed) to the crowd.
19. The parade will end at The Dalles Chamber Office 404 West 2nd Street. 

**Oregon law says everyone who rides a motorcycle has to wear a helmet & kids Under 16 have to wear one when on a bicycle.